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About Us

Young-Yeshivah is a young and vibrant satellite community of Melbourne’s Yeshivah Centre, and caters for singles, couples and families ranging from the not-yet-twenties through the past-thirties.

Young Yeshivah Minyan

Young Yeshivah operates a regular weekly shabbos morning minyan, that is often followed by a warm and spirited kiddush/farbrengen. 

Young Yeshivah strives to maintain a warm, chasidisher and genuinely inclusive environment, where all participants feel safe and comfortable, and with a decorum that respects each individuals right to daven peacefully and free from unhealthy distraction

Learning Programs

Young Yeshivah operates regular shiurim for both men and women, and also promotes chavrusa style learning, as well as 'Kollel Erev' learning evenings.


Young Yeshivah hosts many exclusive events throughout the calendar year, mostly tied to Jewish lifecycle events, such as Tishrei, Lag Ba'Omer, Chanukah etc. Young Yeshivah also partners with the Yeshivah Centre community, on joint functions and events, that appeal to the broader Melbourne Anash community.


Young Yeshivah publishes a weekly newsletter, as well as a magazine for Yomim Tovim.

Additionally, Young Yeshivah sponsors a Halacha Guide authored by our Rabbi Shmuel Lesches, which focuses on the upcoming Yomim Tovim. This publication has been operating for a number of years, and has since become highly sought after both locally, and internationally.

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