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Mechiras Chometz for Pesach 5780.

Young Yeshivah will be offering Mechiras Chometz for Pesach 5780.

Mechiras Chometz is effective only if one truly commits to sell his Chometz in an unconditional and absolute sale. It is therefore customary to perform a Kinyan (act of acquisition) when authorising the Rav to sell the Chometz. However, this Kinyan is not an absolute requirement. Accordingly, this year given the COVID19 pandemic, Young Yeshivah's Mechiras Chometz is available online only. This online form complies with both Halacha and secular law. Please be sure to read the entire form and complete it accurately. The form must be submitted before 9:00am, Wednesday 8th April 2020, after which time this online facility will expire. 

Please click here to sell your Chometz and feel free to share the link with others.

Wishing you a Kosher un Freilachen Pesach

video: Gimmel tammuz melava malka 

Mon, 1 June 2020 9 Sivan 5780